“Handcrafted in Northern Michigan.”

Our artistically-intensive process is unique in its creation and end result. It is this dual uniqueness that garners each G3 crafted product immediate attention and appreciation. While not everyone will become a G3 customer, everyone who sees a G3 product will certainly become enlightened as to just how beautiful everyday goods can be when they are crafted from exotic woods.

Kitchen Caddy Wooden, kitchen caddy, Shape of Michigan, Cherry wood.

Handcrafted Salt Grinders & Pepper Mills

Our signature items are wooden salt grinders and pepper mills. Each stunning piece is hand-crafted from exotic woods one-at-a-time in our Michigan studio. No two are alike. (Order a complementing set!) We use contrasting species of wood to create unique designs that range from the simple and classy to the intricate and complex. With a professional-grade grinding mechanism and a durable, epoxy-like finish, every mill/grinder is built and designed to be used every day. These extraordinary one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art will gleam and impress for generations to come!

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