Wood Basics

We create our products using natural woods from FSC approved suppliers around the world. Chosen for their texture, strength, beauty, complexity, dimension, and simplicity, the unique characteristics of wood is the source of our inspiration.

Our Wood Selection

African Olive Wood
Mahagony Wood
Beech Wood
Birdseye Maple
Black Limba
Brazillian Cherry
Camphor Burl
Canary Wood
Burl Wood
Beech Wood
Tulip Wood
Ebony Qaboon
Ebony Mac
Birdseye Maple
Zebra Wood

The infinite variations in wood, and the complexity of the combinations, make it difficult to impossible for Gregg to duplicate a pattern.  This is most apparent with pepper mills and salt grinders – unless they are ordered as a set, their patterns will be similar but not identical.

The characteristics of wood can be drastically affected by ambient surroundings. For instance, changes in temperature and humidity can change the dimensional properties of the wood significantly.  Increases in temperature or humidity causes wood to expand, while decreases cause contraction. And, since every wood is different, it is affected differently by these changing conditions.

Unfortunately, you can’t control Mother Nature. But, with proper care of your wood products, you can minimize her effects.

  • Avoid significant changes in your rooms’ temperatures or humidity
  • Keep your wood furntiture, objects and artworks out of direct sunlight
  • Maintain proper conditioning of the wood; refer to our FAQ page for specific  conditioning recommendations